About Us

Salisbury Petitcodiac Basketball has been Developing the Youth of Our Communities (SPMBA) since 2015. We are a non-profit organization in Salisbury Petitcodiac, New Brunswick, with a mandate to develop community oriented youth basketball players, to help our players progress to higher levels of athletics and to strive for greater achievement in playing basketball at high school, for Team New Brunswick, at university/college or even for Canada Basketball.

We have shown kids from our area that they can compete with anyone, and that its not the size of your city but the size of your heart, hard work and believing in yourself and your team mates.

Over the last 4 Years Salisbury Basketball has had 6 players play for Team New Brunswick and 9 of our teams win Provincial Championships. In 2016 our President Rob Campbell was named Volunteer of the Year by Basketball New Brunswick and our Association was named Association of the Year by Basketball New Brunswick in 2018.

​Registration takes place in early September each year.

Our 2019/2020 Executive

President: Rob Campbell email info@salisburybasketball.ca

Vice President; Adam Friars

Secretary; Sarah Colwell sarah.colwell@salisburybasketball.ca

Treasurer : Stephanie Short

Marketing/Community Involvement : Tricia Friars

Sponsorship/Fundraising: Jessica MacDonald

Village Relations: Jim Lewis