Women in Sport

Salisbury Basketball has been passionate about getting girls involved in sport since our inception, it is something we feel is so important and a topic we continue to bring up , as it cannot and should not be ignored.

We are hearing from other associations that girls participation in Basketball is down, and it is important that we look for ways to turn this around, hold conversations, look at what is working and what is not working. We are fortunate here with our program that our girls numbers are not showing the same trend that other associations have brought forward, and we are thankful that are girls program has grown year over year , but we want to ensure that continues.

By 10 years of age , if a girl has yet to participate in sports, there is only a 10% chance that she will be physically active as an adult
The Benefits are very significant …see chart below from a 2016 study

At Salisbury Basketball, we want to continue to discuss this, explore and look for ways to get and keep girls involved in sport. As you know each year , we seek out female coaches, trainers and role models …this is not just about sport or basketball …lets make a difference in our girls lives…for a lifetime! feel free to email us at info@salisburybasketball.ca with any thoughts or ideas on how to increase girls participation and keep them active throughout their lives.

To review a 2016 Women in Sport: Fuelling a Lifetime of participation report on : The Status of Female Sport Participation : Click Here